Bored of standard Social Media Chat Apps?

Anonymous Chat could be the answer !

Are you bored with Facebook knowing that whenever you post people can snoop on you ? Do you just fancy a casual chat or ask questions without revealing your life to strangers ? 

Blabr should be on interest to you. Do i hear you say Why? Simply said you can chat to people around you and all that other users see is your username……and breathe… well done. It’s a refreshing change knowing that next time you post something other users don’t know all about you, your friends, your family, where you’ve been, who you’re with etc etc …. yes there are privacy settings you may say but how many people know how to set them and more importantly use them?

result in some truly fascinating chats

There are a few random chat apps out there that will appeal to you and are designed to offer anonymous chat with strangers and like Blabr these can widen your reach massively and can result in some truly fascinating chats with people you would never normally come across. If things get a little too strange or uncomfortable then you have options to block the user and report the message.  Chat Background

ideal when moving to new places

Blabr is ideal for people those moving to new places and want to connect with people in the same neighbourhood. These days there are so many new developments being built and everyone is new and it can take time to get to know people who aren’t next door. Why not use Blabr and instantly create a group for your new community and get that closeness back whilst also allowing you easily arrange meetings and broadcast news to inform each other of what’s going on or actually arrange an actual residents meeting! There are some many advantages why you would want to do this and makes a lot of sense.

Sometimes we move to a new place and your friends don’t live nearby so Blabr offers you the  opportunity to create a new circle of like-minded friends. It’s Perfect for those who don’t make friends easily or are too shy to talk to strangers normally.

find out about the local area

We like the idea of visiting new places but sometimes we could all get some really informative information that will help you and is perfect when you really don’t know the area too well. Next time you’re on holiday or on a business trip and want to find out about the local area you can use Blabr ask the experts i.e. the people already there including locals and those already familiar with the area. Want to know if it’s worth visiting that restaurant you’ve heard so much about or the best time to visit the museum or the cheapest way to get to the airport or even agree or arrange to share a ride from the hotel to the centre of town, DO IT ON BLABR! 

The best thing about Blabr you can use it how you want that will help you with many questions you have and depending on your intentions it can be a lot of fun and you don’t need to feel shy and knowing that people can’t snoop on you!

DOWNLOAD IT HERE FOR FREE www.blabr/download 

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