Music Festivals

Great Uses No 8 – Music Festivals

Have fun and keep in contact with other Music Festival Goers

There are a multitude of music festivals held this year around the world, are you attending one of them?  From large well know ones like the world famous Glastonbury to smaller regional ones like Red Rooster Festival at Euston Hall.

Share your experiences

The Blabr App connects you in live conversation with your fellow festivals goers within your location. Find out what’s happening around the sites and share your excitement, experiences and tips so you don’t miss out! Let people know how much fun you’re having or let them know how long the queues are !

Private Groups

If you’re travelling in large or small groups you can be in constant contact with each other and you they don’t have to have them in your phone contacts list.

Even better if you’re travelling with a group people you don’t really know that well, create a private group beforehand and get everyone to join. That way you can can ensure you’re always supposed to be where you all agreed to be and when the music stops you are all headed back home together.

If you’re from an particular area of the country, then reach out to others and have your own public or private group to chat in. Find like minded people who have common interests and exchange messages with each other or if you’re there just to see a particular act, then why not dedicate a group to the artist.

Your Essential Festival Checklist: wellies; t-shirts, hat, sun-cream, tent and Blabr App….

Download the Blabr App

Download the Blabr App


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