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Great Blabr Uses No 9 – Social Night Out

 Arrange an improntu social night out with your friends

So you’re at home, bored and fancy a night out….you could use one of your other social media account and send out a general message, not a bad option. but that’s so yesterday. There’s a better option..

Use Blabr Groups and see who’s around in your area by using the distance filter of between 25m to 5km. Then simply post a message to those friends only and hey presto, if you invite them they will come (they can’t say sorry, they’re out of town because you know they’re not!).

Download the Blabr APP (currently android) – be different

About Blabr:

  • Wherever you are in the world Blabr lets you message anyone within 5km,Want to ask a question? “see” how many are online in you area and post a message them all. Alternatively create a group and post a message only to those near to you.
  • If you are travelling with a groups, why not use Blabr to keep in touch without the need to follow each other. Create a group and take the app everywhere you go and always see and message each other when you are within 5km.
  • Blabr allows you to share a post, follow people and groups and like posts.

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