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Great Idea No 7 – Claim Your Street

Don’t delay, Claim Your Street and start creating a closer and vibrant community

Do you know you neighbours? Unless you live in very small community most people these days don’t know their neighbours any more. This is a sad state of affairs in today’s world as you are missing out on a real community spirit and a vibrant social life.

Well now you have a choice and can use Blabr to change and improve your immediate environment and be closer. We have  made it possible for you to go back to the good old days when people actually knew each other and stopped for a chat in the street.

Easy Neighbourhood Group Creation App Instructions ?

  • Once you’ve download the app and signed in you can set up a group. 
  • Choose you group name, so that should be pretty straight forward, just name it after you street, road, avenue, post code, village or whatever you desire.
  • Choose what type of group – Public / Private / Secret. To find out what they all mean go here.
  • Start inviting people to the new group (otherwise you’ll be the only member and that’s not much fun)
  • If you don’t have your neighbours details on your phone or other social media account then it could be time for some good old fashioned leg work:
    • write a simple letter and post it, maybe something like “Hey I am (you name) and live on your street. I don’t know you but may have passed you on the street. I want to create a community made up of my neighbours……please download the app at……”  –  this is just our suggestion but you get the idea. Or,
  • Hopefully from your hard efforts you will start to see people wanting to join  your group. As you are the administrator  only you can accept new joiners.
  • That’s it ! you can now start conversing with your “new” community and update, discuss, or chat about stuff about what’s happening in your area, city, on TV ! – maybe or you really get on then why not actually arrange a social night out and meet your neighbours in the flesh.

Further Info: Watch this VIDEO to help you create a new group


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