Cost of Holidays

Holidaymakers say they’re not getting value for money

Two-thirds of families felt `ripped off´ during last overseas holiday – survey

Headlines like these put a lot of people off and deter people going on holiday especially when the euro and dollar is low against the pound making it’s already expensive.

Holidaymakers say they’re not getting value for money

A Post Office survey of 2,000 people found that 67% of people felt they had not received   value   for   money.  Areas   that   caused   most   concern   were   –   cost of excursions; transport; service charges; cash withdrawals; price of meals and drinks.

If you’re planning to go away this summer then seeing this would make people think twice about booking a holiday abroad and opt for a staycation instead.
British tourists travelling to the continent this summer will lose hundreds of euros in exchange rates as the weakening value of sterling post Brexit. Here are some
practical tips to help you control it.


Excursions –  can be expensive due to the number of parties involved increases the costs i.e. the tour operator, the hotel, ground handler and travel rep who all want a slice of the cake with the ground handler get the largest portion of the profit. If you can research and bypass the hotel and rep and arrange your own excursions.


taxisTransfers: Do a quick check online for taxis and compare the prices and you may find very little difference but, you’ll have the benefit of getting to your destination a lot quicker or other local providers who are cheaper.

Taxis: Use Uber and other taxi apps to save 30%/40% less than the traditional taxis in many European countries. In the absence of Uber, you could use public transport (70%/80% cheaper than a taxis) but may take a lot longer to get there and are not as inconvenient.

Ask your hotel is they provide a shuttle service into town. Alternatively, you could make friends with people nearby and split the fare. Also look to buy travel or sightseeing passes.

Service charges or “resort fees” have cropped up recently. These annoying extras are for safety boxes, towels, internet, grounds-keeping, parking, pool, gym, housekeeping etc…

Check with reception first before you touch that “complimentary” bottle of water or fruit platter. 

To avoid paying for extras, check on the hotels website, ask ahead of time what charges are apply and ask to get them waived.

Stock up on you own liquids and snacks and consider joining loyalty programmes that can waive some of these fees.

Paying with Cards – Europe is now more expensive. so make sure you get the best out of it and use your cards correctly. Costs vary card by card and there are lots of options available to you.  Just take some local currency with you and pay the rest by the card.

Specialist credit cards repaid in full work out the cheapest. If you want to lock in a rate or stick to a set budget, try a specialist overseas prepaid card.


Price of meals and drinks – If you’re not all-inclusive you can be smarter. Breakfast: If you are paying extra for breakfast then find a local cafe. Lunch menus are generally cheaper so always  make sure you eat then. For evening meals try to stick to a fixed menus and generally drinking local wines and beers are better value than imports.

Restaurants and cafes away from the big sights are cheaper than those whose main trade is from tourists. 

lack of local information and knowledge

The main reason why we all end up paying more than we should is lack of local information and knowledge and knowing what to do for the best. Generally we just end up doing do what we’re told by the hotels and reps and pay paying more than we should and if you’re unsure this and you’re happy then no problem.

Most tried and tested places like mainland Europe, The Canary Islands, Greek Islands, Balearic Islands and the Caribbean are on the whole quite safe and you should seek the best advice to lower your costs.

Blabr to the rescue !


There is an abundance of information available online and you do yourself a favour and so some basic research. however, sometimes this is not enough or most likely you forget to do and go to places you’ve seen online.

By using the Blabr App will help you by connecting you to locals and people on holiday giving you instant live feedback, tips and the very latest updated information from those around you.

There’s nothing better than getting first hand tips on the best restaurants to visit or where the best local supermarkets are or how often the local bus runs. Even better you an ask if anyone at your hotel wants to split a taxi ride with you saving you all money that could pay towards your meal.

Do yourself a favour, download Blabr and enjoy your holiday!


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