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iOS App version approved of Blabr

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve had the iOS version of Blabr approved. This means that we can start to build and market Blabr to a much wider audience that before without worrying too much about leave half the mobile population out !  All versions are available to download in once place here

The iOS app has taken us a few weeks longer than we would have liked and among other things as a start-up we are currently limited by our own resources and as we grow this will be less of an issue ion time.

New Features Added

We’ve also added some additional features to Blabr that include the ability to post pictures and also blocking users and their messages. These are important new features that will help the user experience and there will be more to follow as we continue to make enhancements. 

Feedback always needed

We always value your input and to help us to offer our users the best product we have included a short survey in the app to collect your thoughts on what we’re doing right and wrong and how we can improve (survey)


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