Lost Someone On A Night Out ?

When you lose someone on a night out don’t panic, broadcast a call-out on to people in the area and find them quicker

Night OutIt happens all the time, you’re out with a group friends or work colleagues having a great time  and inevitably one person goes AWOL and you all  spends the entire evening trying to find them.

Normally nine times out of ten you find the person reasonably quickly though a phone call, text or you just head back to the last place and find them at the bar and you carry, great! So that just leaves the one in ten time when you have tried the obvious and still not found them. Now what ?

Chances are they’re probably having the time of their life, dancing the night away oblivious to the mild panic ensuing somewhere else because of them. Most likely they have their mobile on them but can’t hear it due to the noise on the dance floor and the only vibrations they’re feeling is from the music. Whatever the reason they are not contactable via their mobile, but that’s no good to you.

You need to increase your chances of finding your friend and this is where Blabr comes into play.

What if you could contact as many people as possible in the area right now and let them know you’ve lost your mate ? Describe what they look like and the last place you saw them. It’s a long shot but guess what, it only takes that one person stood at the same bar on their mobile to see the message. BINGO ! get them and continue to enjoy the night.

Night Out 2Now scenario two, what if your friend is really drunk, the mobile is no-where to be seen and they are really disoriented and walking the street not knowing where they are or worse lying unconscious somewhere on a pavement ?  Chances are they probably would have walked past a number of people along the way. and again it only takes one person to see the message on their mobile to reply and let you know where they are.

Blabr is not some normal chat messaging app, it allows connecting  unconnected people together in the same location and refreshingly it doesn’t reveal your life history as only usernames (maybe in future a picture of the user) can be seen.

When you post a public message on Blabr anyone with the app can see your message and you have the option of changing the location radius of between 25m to 25km so only users in that area will be able to see and reply to the messages.

So what are you waiting for, download Blabr and have a fun stress free night out !

Oh yeah, finding people can also apply to you going on holiday, festivals, theme parks in fact any place you would travel to in groups

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