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O2 scrapping mobile roaming fees

Hooray on 15 June O2 will be removing mobile roaming fees their business and pay monthly customers in 47 Countries

This is great news for all of their customers who are travelling abroad this year who no longer need to worry about being hit by high mobile data roaming charges. You will be able to use your existing mobile plan abroad and includes data usage as well as receiving calls and text messages

great news for Blabr users

This great news for Blabr users travelling in the EU  including popular holiday destinations France, Greece and Spain – at no extra cost who can now enjoy full internet access and not be worried if they are using wifi or not. Now there’s no excuse for staying in contact with each other or with the locals. If you’re travelling in groups where you don’t know everyone don’t worry, just create a group for you all (private or secret) and ask everyone to join it. That way you can post messages to each other and be comfortable that you’re all in the loop. 

Main Features:
– “see” how many users are online between 25m to 25km and post/reply to messages
– follow other members and groups
– like; share and report posts
– create groups (pubic / private / secret)

Currently we have developed the android version and will be releasing the iOS version in a few weeks time.

The app as a whole is continually being developed and tweaked with new features in the pipeline.


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