New Features

New Blabr Group App Features Added

What’s new in this release?

We’ve been busy over the past couple of weeks, ironing out some small bugs and added in some new features as follows that we hope you’ll really like!

Private Groups – These are closed groups that allow you or any other member  Group-privateto invite to new joiners.  These are publicly visible so they can been seen by anyone in the area, but cannot view posts.

They are identifiable by a padlock. Only group admin can accept/reject/remove members. 

Secret Groups (ssshhh!) – as above except these not publicly visible. 
Only members can invite others to join and only group admin can Group-Secretaccept/reject/remove members.  

Secret groups are identifiable by the mysterious character you see on the left.  

The Group Admin of the two private groups can also assign someone else to be group admin (private / secret groups) at any time.


Invite others to join your group(s).  InviteWhen you press invite you’ll be presented with two options to invite from existing Blabr users or your accounts like FB, Twitter, linkedin, WhatsApp etc. 


Post a Blab:  when you make any post you’ll be posting a Blab…

Distance filter extended – previously 5km. Now 25km so you and reach out and connect to more more people in your area.

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