New Private Group Feature

Create Private Groups – coming very very soon…..

Currently you only have the option to create pubic groups so anyone can join any group. This is not great if you only want certain people in your group. Now you can with private groups function.

Private Groups are confidential, exclusive groups where you share your messages with trusted friends, colleagues and club members. These groups have do not maximum members and any existing member can invite any new user. Group Admins must approve members and only group members can see posted content.

a social group for professionals

Creating a private group is great if you only want to include certain people or members. For example, your could set up a private social group for executive assistants in your area and start inviting others to join. This and any group could be in a few different ways to increase your professional contacts by arranging lunches and dinners or purely for the fun of meeting and mingling with like-minded people.

a group for your club or society

if you’re a member of a club or society and want to keep in the loop about what’s happening, why not share and broadcast the latest news so that you don’t miss out. Keep everyone updated with fixtures, meetings and general chat. If you travel away together then you will still be in contact with each other as long as you’re within 5km..

However you use the Blabr App is up to you, but you can be sure that it’ll be easier to meet up or just exchange messages among the group.

Download the App in Google Play  (iOS version in development)

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