All About Me & Blabr

This is Balvinder BollaMy name is Balvinder Bolla and I’m the founder of Blabr. I have a “normal” office job working full-time for a telecoms company as a business professional and since 2000 have lived in the beautiful island of Jersey (no not New Jersey USA 🙂 ). I’m married to my beautiful, loving and patient wife Lorraine.

Juggling my day job and spare time job is not easy but I really relish the challenge of trying to create something new from nothing and really enjoy the process of learning something new.

Before Blabr I had very little knowledge of app development and softer skills of blogging, SEO, marketing etc. Over the past twelve months i’ve taken online courses on those soft skills and plan to learn app development.

Blame it on a Mexican Holiday

Mexican HolidayDuring a holiday to Mexico in January 2017 I looked around at people lying around at the resort complex on sun-loungers and noticed that a lot of people not surprisingly on their phones – presumably texting, watching videos, listening to music.

This gave me my BIG IDEA ! – wouldn’t it be great if I could somehow chat to some of those people and ask for tips like  where are the best bars and restaurants in the area. What excursions do you recommend etc… you get the idea, 

So, an app was the logical idea.

How did it get developed ?

After returning home, my employer were launching an innovation programme that I joined and was given some small seed capital to investigate my idea. This was the kick-start that i needed to develop the app in its basic format. After finding a suitable developer I had a version of the Blabr app developed within a month.

This was very exciting time and all very new. I felt great and wanted to take it forward quickly as I could. During this time the app contained the concept i had imagined – it was a location-based messaging app, so anyone could download the app and start chatting to each other in a given location and it was all virtually anonymous with group chat features.

Blabr works best for groups of people in the same area.

The Biggest Challenge ?

To have  the app developed in itself is not big deal these days are not too expensive to develop. There are millions of apps worldwide that people believe they have the next big thing. At the end of the day, people vote with their feet and with some good luck and momentum they are successful.

As it stands Blabr is still is at the low-end of downloads and doing this as a one-man band is tough as when i need some extra help it costs money. I have to be very careful to prioritise what I do next  – development, marketing, PR. 

There are so many apps out there competing for public space and users use established social app they are familiar with like FB / Twitter/ Whattsapp – the big three or los tres grandes. It’s not easy otherwise everyone would be going it.

Fast Forward 12 Months

Blabr has since been changed, modified and tweaked and is constantly evolving into something extra to help find their way around the world easier by adding new features like places nearby and booking services. Blabr is now a social travel app that will give users the opportunity not only connect people with others locally by use it on a daily basis while they are away to get more information wherever people are travelling to.

Make no mistake Blabr is a niche product but I truly believe 100% it has a place in people’s lives by giving them something different to be used in a practical way on a daily basis…only time will tell.- answers on a postcard please 🙂

We hope you give Blabr a go and download it !



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