So Student Freshers Week is over. Now What ?

So, as a student you’re at University, met your new flat mates and other students and partied like it’s 1999 for two weeks. NOW WHAT ?

The whole point of going to University be more independent from mummy and daddy, experience reality (that means paying  bills, cooking your own food, making your bed, cleaning…) whilst still having fun and passing your course and trying to budget.

It’s tougher for freshers as you’ll be new to the game and taking advice from your fellow students, friends and family. It’s exciting but at the same time you’re still finding your feet and learning all the time. You’ll make some mistakes, we all do but you’ll learn from it – trial and error is the best way 🙂

The most difficult bit about student life is always am i doing this right and if I don’t know  – you just ask right ? That’s how most people make decisions. These days all you have to do is google everything and/or ask away on Facebook.

existing platforms contain a lot of noise

The problem is that existing platforms contain a lot of noise and googling and don’t always give you the answer to your question or if it’s a personal or relationship issues you don’t want the whole world knowing your business on Facebook. Don’t you wish that sometimes you could ask a question without being judged or receive sarcastic comments or having taking the mickey out of you ? – NOW YOU CAN WITH BLABR !

you don’t want the whole world knowing your business

Ask a questions and get honest anonymous feedback with other students who have similar issues as you and would like some really good advice. At the end of the day you’re all in the same boat and you don’t need to have a direct connection so you’re not revealing your full-blown profile or life history. This is where the Blabr App can help you.

What is Blabr ?

anonymous chatBlabr is a location-based social app and is used for having conversations in a fun way where you can post messages to a variety of categories to other students to find what you after really quickly. It’s a simple tool that should be your go to place for advice and tips where you can ask questions,  advise and share information with other students. All this without anyone knowing who you are or any other personal information about you.

You’re world just got a whole lost easier

Want to know who has the best pizza deal near you? What time should you go to the local supermarket to pick up the best discounts ? How do I cook roast chicken? Are there any gamers who fancy a match-up ? Which student nightspot are people going to tonight? anyone near me fancy sharing a ride into town?

There are endless uses for using Blabr and you can ask anything you want knowing that you’re asking other students who will give you some really good advice. Maybe you could help and answer questions from other students worried about something.

Blabr is free to download and has a radius of location radius of 25m to 25km meaning that you decide if you want to “talk” to people in your immediate area or further out.


Android download click here

iOS download click here



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