Top 10 Reasons to use Blabr – Group Travel

So you’re still unsure why you need to download and use Blabr….we’ll be posting our top 10 reasons why you should, starting with:

Reason Number Ten: Group Travel

Going away on holiday soon? When you travel together with friends or family then using Blabr can be incredibly useful to keep in contact with each other. Wherever you go stay connected within 5km of each other then you can post updates and message each other.

  • easily arrange to meet up in bars and restaurants
  • arrange sightseeing trips and let people in your group know the times and schedules
  • anyone not on time, message them and find out where they are
  • lost and don’t have their contact in your phone, don’t worry post a message to the group or make it a public post
  • if you’re travelling with new people in your group, be assured that everyone will see your message.

Download from Google Play 

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